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Course Information

Summer Prague University (SPU) is an intensive four-week language program designed for students of all levels (from complete beginners to advanced students). It has been held annually since 1990.

Summer Prague University 2000
Terms: July 3-July 28 and July 31-August 25
Place: Charles University, Faculty of Philosophy, Prague, Czech Republic
Fees: Tuition:530,- US$ Excursion: 30,- US$ Housing: 200,- US$

Summer Prague University 2001
Terms: July 6-August 2 and August 6-August 31
Place: Charles University, Faculty of Philosophy, Prague, Czech Republic
Fees: (tuition, excursion, housing) will be specified in December 2000

The SPU teachers are native Czechs who gained their professional experience mainly at the Czech Language Department of Charles University in Prague and during their subsequent teaching practice. They, together with the organizers, emphasize close student-teacher contact to make the working environment as effecient as possible.

Structure of Classes

The courses consist of 100 lessons divided into morning and afternoon parts. The morning program is based on language classes concentrating on grammar, and the afternoon program covers communicative activities -- communicative chains, practical stylistics, reading of texts, etc.
The whole program is completed by workshops, lectures, organized walks and other activites which, apart from enlarging their knowledge, allow close contact between SPU students.

Weekly Schedule
The parts of the program in italics are free. The last lesson on Friday (11:15 - 12:00 a.m.) is reserved for those who want to meet other students to practice some Czech songs.

All Courses are designed to follow one another

Students in the July courses can therefore take part in the suitable August class. The maximum size of each class is 12 students. The teaching languages are Czech and English.


According to information from the application forms, students are divided into two groups: complete beginners and students who have studied Czech before. During the first day of the program, students who have studied Czech before will take a test and an oral exam. According to the results, the students will be divided into classes of corresponding levels.

Levels of Study
Complete Beginners Classes for complete beginners are based on English. During the four weeks, students learn essential grammatical patterns, pronunciation, basic vocabulary and phraseology. The course aims to teach Czech grammar skills allowing conversation (including telephone calls, letters, shopping, daily routine, family, job, etc.). During the afternoon specialized programs, complete beginnines will concentrate on pronunciation, patterns of essential communicative chains, and conversation.
False Beginners The false beginners class consists of the students who have studied Czech before, but need to review the basic structures. This class is similar to that of complete beginners, but proceeds at a faster pace.
(Pre-) Intermediate (Pre-)Intermediate students master new features of Czech grammar and develop their communicative skills under formal and informal circumstances. They are introduced into different laguage styles, improve pronunciation, etc. The specialized afternoon programs, which concentrate on applied/practical stylistics, reading, and conversation will be held in Czech and English.
(Pre-) Advanced (Pre-)Advanced students develop their communicative abilities, improve their writing, and expand both their active and passive vocabularies. The specialized afternoon programs, which concentrate on applied/practical stylistics, reading, and conversation, will be held entirely in Czech.

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