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Weekend Excursions

Class Excursion To help the SPU students not only to learn and improve their Czech but also meet new people and learn more about the Czech Republic, the organizers have prepared a weekend excursion for each term. All participants leave Prague on Saturday morning, go by coach to a countryside resort and spend the rest of the weekend sightseeing, playing games, meeting other students at a bonfire (playing guitars and singing), and especially having enough time to talk and relax.

The price of the excursion covers: transportation, full board, an overnight stay in 5-8 bed rooms, and entrance fees to visited objects.

West Bohemia Excursion - July 10-11, 1999
Kadan -
Klasterec nad Ohri -
Saturday Morning Depart Prague 9:00 am. Arrive at hostel in Kadan (2 or 3-bed rooms)
Afternoon Swimming, hiking, games, etc...
Evening Sightseeing, party
Sunday Morning After breakfast depart Kadan for Klasterec nad Ohri, castle tour
Afternoon Excursion to the Krusovice Brewery
Evening Estimated arrival in Prague 6:00-7:00 p.m.
Kadan - a town with a large square founded by the Czech King Premysl Otakar II around 1260 on the site of a former mechant settlement. Part of the town's gothic fortification system with towers, bastions, loophools, and gates has survived to our times. Kadan's historical center contains a number of medieval and baroque houses, a baroque town hall with a gothic tower, a parish church, a baroque church consecrated to St. Agnes, and a gothic church with an adjacent monastery.

Central Bohemia Excursion - August 7-8, 1999
Nymburk -
Podebrady -
Prerov nad Labem
Saturday Morning Depart Prague 9:00 am. Arrive at hostel in Nymburk (2 or 3-bed rooms) Turkish Tower
Afternoon City tour, walk around the city, games, etc...
Evening party
Sunday Morning After breakfast depart Nymburk for Podebrady Spa - castle tour
Afternoon Depart Podebrady for Prerov nad Labem - open-air museum
Evening Estimated arrival in Prague 6:00-7:00 p.m.
Nymburk - a picturesque town founded in the 13th century on the bank of the Labe(Elbe). Nymburk takes pride in its preserved 13th century city walls, the gothic St. Giles Cathedral, Renaissance town hall and baroque houses in the square. Also worth seeing is a baroque water tower called the Turkish Tower. The extensive English park near the Old Deanery is another "must see" in Nymburk.

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